Corporate Wellness

Having spent nearly 20 years working in busy, high stress corporate environments, I am acutely aware of the unhealthy behaviours that occur in offices.

I’ve seen colleagues suffer with IBS, weight gain, immobility, energy slumps and lack of concentration. With the growth of the digital age, a substantial number of employees spend the majority of their day at their desks and sadly exercise is often forgotten. Add to this the trend to eat processed and fast foods, often at the wrong times, and this can result in a damaging impact on the success and outputs of a business. I’m evidence myself. My own behaviours ultimately led to an immune system crash and the need for me to give up a successful career (see About).

In a report produced by PwC in 2008 and published by DWP in 2013, findings show that the cost of ill health within the workplace is rapidly becoming an issue that can no longer be ignored by employers. In the report, the HSE estimates that in 2005-06 there were a collective 9.5 million working days lost in the UK due to musculoskeletal disorders and in 2006-07 around 13.8 million working days were lost in the UK due to depression, anxiety and work related stress.

Wellness programmes can no longer be viewed as a perk. They are a necessity for talent attraction and retention. The full report can be found here.

I help businesses achieve their corporate wellness goals and ensure the offering matches the corporate values and culture. Services are tailored to each organisation, including some or all of the following:

  • Sustainable fitness programmes for individuals and/or teams
  • Nutrition talks focused on office-based lifestyles
  • Consultation days including individual employee assessments, body measurements, and healthy eating information including lunch, snack and quick dinner ideas
  • Weight, fat and body measurement monitoring

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