About Me

I am passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. I find it incredibly rewarding to help people get fitter, stronger, happier and healthier. I love inspiring people to achieve a ‘way of life’ attitude to health and fitness. Exercise and good nutrition can be fun!

I haven’t always been fit. I really relate to clients who contact me because they don’t feel good about themselves. As a teenager I was overweight, unfit and addicted to food. At university I had a very sedentary life, practicing cello for several hours a day. Most evenings I ate chips and drank beer! After graduating I spent nearly 20 years in the City in marketing, recruitment and career coaching roles. Work took me to Singapore and Hong Kong and I traveled regularly. I worked long hours, had a high level of responsibility and assumed that stress was part of the deal. Outside of work I partied hard, used food and alcohol as an emotional crutch and my weight and energy levels constantly fluctuated.

In August 2010 I became ill. Doctors thought I had a virus but after 18 months I was diagnosed with ME (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). My immune system had given up. I was so exhausted I had to stop working, couldn’t exercise and missed out on social events. It was a very difficult time but I was determined to recover and didn’t accept that there was no cure for ME (the NHS view). The Optimum Health Clinic provided me with a holistic approach to recovery. Diet was a key factor and I became passionate about good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. This led me to where I am now – a nutrition and fitness coach who loves helping others.

“What has been particularly useful is feeling that Katherine is approachable at times of temptation – a simple call or text and words of encouragement is often what I need.”


• Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
• Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
• Certificate in Studio Cycling (Spinning)
• Certificate in Circuit Training
• Certificate in Gym Based Boxing

Listen to Katherine interviewed live on BBC Radio Manchester in January 2015

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